February 13, 2024
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During the season, your car’s trunk becomes your de facto golf locker, home to your shoes, pull-along cart, and other gear. And while it might be easy to leave your clubs where they’re always ready for a round, it’s not the best choice for your golf laser rangefinder, or your other essentials. Here’s why.

Golf ranging with the Vortex® Blade™ Slope Laser Rangefinder.

Your rangefinder is a simple way to get an edge during a round. But how you store it can affect how it performs on the course.

Temperature Extremes

Vortex® Golf laser rangefinders are built to withstand impacts of all types, and they’re waterproof and shockproof. But the internal components in any electrical device can be damaged by extremes in temperature, including very hot and very cold weather.

In direct sunlight on a summer day, your trunk can get near 150 degrees, and in the northern states, temperatures can quickly drop below zero, even in the fall. Yikes.

Power Loss

Nothing drains your battery faster than temperature extremes, and it’s no good to pull out your rangefinder in the middle of a round only to find you’ve got no power. Very cold temperatures can also affect your rangefinder’s performance.

Vortex<sup>®</sup> Anarch<sup>™</sup> Image Stabilized Golf Laser Rangefinder Product with Case

The Anarch Image Stabilized Golf Laser Rangefinder is extremely rugged. Still, ensuring you keep it dry and store it properly is important to its performance.

Mold Growth

Especially if you find yourself playing in the rain or high humidity, storing your golf laser rangefinder in your trunk can cause some nasty problems. Shut away from good airflow and sunlight, mold and fungus can take root in your rangefinder and other gear. For that reason, it’s best practice to let your gear air dry after a wet round, and to clean your rangefinder a few times every season.


Though not as likely as the other issues, theft is a concern when you store your gear in your car.

Give Your Gear a Good Home

It’s convenient to store your clubs and golf laser rangefinder in the trunk, but the risks frequently outweigh the rewards. Storing your gear in a dry, temperature-controlled environment can improve your laser rangefinder’s performance and give you more years of precision and accuracy.

Checkout the line of Vortex® Golf laser rangefinders, and make sure you get your Vortex® Golf gear.

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