February 13, 2024
Golfer storing a Vortex® Anarch™ golf rangefinder in its case

When you live in a climate where winter shuts down your local course, properly storing your rangefinder at the end of the season will help ensure you get the most out of your investment. It’s simple, fast, and your rangefinder will be ready for the start of next season. (Even if it might take one or two rounds for you to get back into the swing of things…) Here are three steps you can follow to properly store your golf laser rangefinder:

1. Clean the Rangefinder Body and the Lenses.

From rain, to dust, to sweat, (and possibly spills from various beverages…) your rangefinder sees a lot in a season. And while all our Golf Laser Rangefinders are waterproof, cleaning the case and lenses keeps dirt and debris from collecting and ensures your lenses stay clear. You just need some warm soapy water and a few spare minutes to get your rangefinder cleaned up.

2. Remove the Battery.

As a rule of thumb, take batteries out of devices you don’t plan to use for a while. The lithium battery in your Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinder will not corrode like an alkaline battery, but removing it will keep it in good shape and protect your rangefinder. It’s simple to just store the battery in your rangefinder’s case.

3. Don’t Store Your Rangefinder in Extreme Temperatures.

Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinders are tough. That doesn’t mean they’re not affected by extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. Storing your rangefinder inside, in a climate-controlled environment, guarantees that all the internal components stay operational.

Batteries don’t like extremely cold temps either. While not as likely to fail as an alkaline battery, the lithium battery powering your Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinder can still be negatively affected by extreme temperatures. The simple solution is to make sure you bring your rangefinder and battery into a climate-controlled environment when your season ends.

Don’t Forget to Store the Sticks Properly.

We also recommend bringing your clubs inside. Your garage can experience rapid warming, cooling, and is frequently open to the elements. Long-term exposure to cold temps and moisture can cause your grips to crack and fail, shafts and clubheads to rust, and mold, mice, and other nasty things will find your golf bag a welcome place to live. (As a reminder: Get that emergency granola bar out of your tee pocket…)

Shop the full line of Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinders, and learn more about caring for your optics.

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