February 13, 2024
Golfer using PinSpotter<sup>™</sup> Mode with the Vortex<sup>®</sup> Blade™ rangefinder on a golf course

Golf laser rangefinders aren’t worth much if you can’t trust that you’re ranging the flag. With Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinders, PinSpotter Mode means you can trust your range, and attack the green with confidence. Here’s how it works, and how it will help you shave strokes off your golf scores.

Golfer using the Vortex Anarch<sup>™</sup> Image Stabilization Rangefinder to up his game on the golf course.

If you golf, you’ve seen greens like these, holes where PinSpotter can be the difference between ranging the pin, or a tree beyond.

When is PinSpotter Mode useful?

Put simply, PinSpotter Mode is at its best when there are other objects behind the pin. Think stands of trees on the back of the green, for example. PinSpotter filters out the objects in back, ensuring your reading is to the pin. In the end, it’s all about giving you confidence to pull the right club and attack.

Golfer using PinSpotter<sup>™</sup> Mode with the Vortex® Blade™ rangefinder to help him swing with confidence.

All Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinders (the Blade Golf Laser Rangefinder, Blade Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder, and Anarch Image Stabilized Golf Laser Rangefinder) come with PinSpotter Mode to help you swing with confidence.

What other modes are there?

Your rangefinder can do more than tell you how far the pin is. When you use your rangefinder’s Scan Mode by pressing and holding the Measure button, PinSpotter Mode is automatically off. Scan Mode constantly returns ranges to you as you move the rangefinder. When scanning, you can easily range, for example, the distance to a dog leg, or to fairway bunkers you need to clear off the tee.

Hit the green harder.

All Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinders come with PinSpotter Mode. The biggest benefit to your game is that when you range a pin with a cluttered background, you can be confident that the range you get is the range to the pin.

You can learn more about Vortex® Golf Laser Rangefinders here: Vortex® Golf.

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