March 25, 2024
Azalea Cocktail in the Vortex® Mug amidst golf items on the green.

Named for the 13th hole at the historic Augusta National Golf Club – a hole that boasts more than 1,600 Azaleas from tee to cup – the Azalea cocktail is a delicious way to toast one of golf’s most revered majors.


Azalea Cocktail in the Vortex® Mug on the green.

Providing unforgettable splashes of color along the 13th, Azalea blossoms disguise what can be a brutal hole, with pros averaging only slightly under par. They also lend their color to this distinctive cocktail.

Light, simple, and delicious, the Azalea is a crowd pleaser that you can easily mix for yourself or whip up a pitcher for a golf clap from your friends.


1 part lemon juice

1 part pineapple juice

2 parts vodka OR gin

Splash of Grenadine

Cheers! For the ultimate chill, get yourself a Vortex® Insulated 12 oz. Mug.

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